... Chan and [April] Leung’s performances are bravura in their capacity to deliver complex emotion and ideas through their voices alone while switching between characters and languages, all the while remaining unobtrusive so that the focus remains on the screens.
— Karen Fricker, Toronto Star - No Foreigners 2019
Leung goes above and beyond to bring all of the stories’ female characters to life. In one scene, she’s a daydreaming travel agent fantasizing about love, and in the next she’s Sodapop Mah, the bubbly DVD store employee who decides to teach the protagonist how to be Chinese. She exudes power as the moth caretaker, bookends the mall narrative as the sharp-witted and nonchalant bag store owner, and her scene with Chan as the Mah parents, the owners of an electronics store, is one of the play’s high points.
— Isabella Perrone, Broadway World - No Foreigners 2019